Spotlight on Alumni


Spotlight on Alumni:

Brittany Mays & Fred Jones-Rosa (MMS Class of 2005)

Recently two MMS grads from the Class of 2005 received some incredibly exciting news – they have been accepted to medical school! What’s more, Brittany Mays and Fred Jones-Rosa will be classmates once again as they both join the class of 2017 at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Fred and Brittany both started MMS at age 2 and grew together through the years. After graduating from MMS, Fred went on to Marquette University High School and Brittany attended sister school Divine Savior Holy Angels High School. Fred is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, while Brittany is wrapping up her senior year at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. The two have remained friends throughout high school and college and, though they plan to study different medical concentrations (Brittany in obstetrics and gynecology and Fred in psychiatry), they are excited to be reunited at the same medical school.

“Since our days at MMS, we were always extremely competitive and we pushed each other to do our best,” says Brittany. “I think this healthy rivalry will contribute to our success at the Medical College of Wisconsin.” Fred also looks forward to having an old friend around to help transition into medical school: “Coming from similar backgrounds and learning environments, I also believe we will be able to relate to each other and help each other succeed throughout the medical school process,” he adds.

When asked how they think their education at MMS helped them prepare for high school, undergrad and now medical school, both agreed that the time-management skills they learned here was a major factor to their academic success. “At Montessori I was given the freedom to study what I wanted when I wanted and to work at my own pace. I feel like this molded me into a better student because in college I was able to utilize my free time effectively and determine the best ways to study without much need for instruction,” Fred remarks. Brittany adds that the environment at MMS taught her to never give up, “This attitude learned at MMS was especially important when faced with the Medical prerequisite classes that are extremely challenging.”

As they enter the next phase of their academic careers, Brittany and Fred believe their successes thus far stem from their Montessori education. “I want to thank all the teachers at MMS who helped me become the educated person I am today. I want them to know they were all an integral part in my learning, and gave me the support I needed to eventually reach my goals,” mentions Fred. “There is no experience like a Montessori education,” adds Brittany. “All of the teachers at MMS helped encourage my curiosity and thirst for knowledge, especially my exploration of other cultures and social strata. For these reasons and many more I am truly thankful for my 11 years at MMS.”

Congratulations to both Brittany Mays and Fred Jones-Rosa. We wish you the best of luck at the Medical College of Wisconsin!



Brittany and Fred have always been studious - here's a look at the two of them hard at work during their days here at MMS!




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