Award-Winning Coach


On November 18th, the MMS Robotics Team once again competed in the FIRST LEGO League Regional Tournament at Marquette University High School. While the team did not win any awards this year, their coach, Mrs. Cieszynski, won the inaugural Outstanding FIRST LEGO League Coach Award.

Mrs. Cieszynski was nominated for the award by her students, who all collaborated together to submit a letter explaining why they thought their coach deserved to win. Eighth grader Kassi T. gathered all of the team’s notes and wrote the letter, which stated that the team appreciates Mrs. Cieszynski’s helpfulness, support and how she does not just give the students answers. “She gives little hints,” says Kassi, “Then we do the work to figure it out from there.”

Mrs. Cieszynski has been coaching the Robotics Team for seven years, and has been in competition for six years. Within that time, her teams have gone to state three times and have won numerous awards. While her team did not win an award this year, Mrs. Cieszynski said it was overall a good learning, if not humbling, experience. “Our team has been recognized so much . . . it was time for other teams.”

Even after winning the Outstanding Coach award, Mrs. Cieszynski gives the credit to her students. “They work really hard for 10 weeks, putting in four-to-six hours of work a week,” she says. “Though I give my heart and soul to the team, I do it because I love to see my students grow. I’m more trying to teach life lessons.”

Kassi T., who is considering joining robotics in high school next year, said the team was incredibly excited when their coach won, and that she truly deserves the award. “Mrs. Cieszynski has been an amazing coach and I wouldn’t ask for anyone else. She’s made my four years in Robotics incredible.”


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