Shireen with her father in Washington D.C.

MMS Student visits the White House

As a result of winning President Obama's 2011 National STEM Video Game Challenge, MMS 8th Grader Shireen Z. was invited to Washington D.C. on February 7th to attend the White House Science Fair.

At the Fair, President Obama viewed student projects and spoke on the importance of STEM education.  Click here to learn more about the White House Science Fair.  Click here for full information on the Science Fair exhibitors and attendees, including Shireen.

It was quite an honor for Shireen to be invited, and several local news outlets covered her story:


February 12th:

Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and online in JSOnline’s Tap
by Stanley A. Miller II

...And it's an ideal creative challenge for students like Shireen Zaineb, an eighth-grader from Milwaukee Montessori School, who was in D.C. last week to check out the second annual White House Science Fair...

February 8th:

Milwaukee Montessori on WISN-MKE (ABC) - Milwaukee, WI
02/08/2012 06:13:08 PM
WISN 12 News at 6PM (News)

...A Milwaukee Montessori Student is back home from the White House where she was honored by President Obama. As 12 news' Marianne Lyles discovered. New at 6: the student is competing for another visit with the president. Shireen Zaineb is back to her classes at Montessori School in Milwaukee. But it was just two days ago, the soft spoken student was...

Milwaukee Montessori School on WTMJ-MILW (NBC) - Milwaukee, WI
02/08/2012 06:17:25 PM
Today's TMJ4 News Live at 6:00 (News) a national videogame challenge. She created her own videogame called Discover. "My game a science team about gravity friction, solids, liquids and gases." Milwaukee Montessori Students not only played her game but celebrated Tuesday. "Yesterday was so exciting. We had it on several of our computers, our tablets, we had it projecting up on the screens, all over the school."

February 7th:

Milwaukee Montessori School on Fox 6 Now - Milwaukee, WI
02/07/2012 04:20 PM

...13-year-old Shireen Zaineb from Milwaukee Montessori School was honored, along with other winners in a National Science Competition. Zaineb created a game called “Discover” that earned her first place in the National STEM Video Game Challenge – designed to generate interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

Milwaukee Montessori on WISN-MKE (ABC) - Milwaukee, WI
02/07/2012 05:24:59 PM
WISN 12 News at 5PM (News)

...very impressed with the machine. a student from Milwaukee Montessori School science fair. 13-year-old Shireen Zaineb is one of the winners of a nationwide video game design challenge. She won first-place by creating a game that teaches players about concepts like mass, friction, weight and gravity. a wildlife expert and...

Milwaukee Montessori School on WDJT-MILW (CBS) - Milwaukee, WI
02/07/2012 05:18:29 PM
CBS 58 News at 5:00pm (News)

...project lands her in Washington D.C. to meet the pres. president.13-year-old Shireen Zaineb is an 8th grader at Milwaukee Montessori School and is being honored today by President Obama at the White House along with other winners in a national science competition. She wont first place for a game she created to make learning about mass friction weight and and interesting. "I am proud to announce that...

Milwaukee Montessori School on WTMJ-MILW (NBC) - Milwaukee, WI
02/07/2012 05:11:35 PM
Today's TMJ4 News Live at 5:00 (News)

...Zaineb used math, science, technology and engineering to design a video game. She's an 8th grader at Milwaukee Montessori School. She was one of several students from around the country who were honored today. We invite the team that wins the super bowl to the White House, and we need to invite some science fair winners to the White House as the President also pushed for more public and private funding for...



1 of just 12 schools nationwide to win

President Obama's National STEM Video Game Challenge

Shireen's award winning physics video game called "Discover" teaches players about concepts such as mass, friction, weight and gravity. The integration of friction into the game-play is a particularly unique element of her design. When the blocks that the player moves across are rough, the player cannot move as fast and is alerted that it is because of friction. This embedded learning demonstrates the higher order of learning and thinking that she put into the game.

Both Fox 6 and the Journal Sentinel covered her win of the National STEM Video Game Challenge:  Click here to watch Shireen on Fox 6.  Click here to read about her on JSOnline.

Want to read more about Game Design at MMS?  Click to read these stories:



Watch President Obama's speech at the White House Science Fair on February 7, 2012:


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