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More than Just Winning

According to Coach Jon Mohr, the goals for his teams include much more than just winning records. What, so winning isn't everything in sports? In a word, no.

Mohr's coaching lessons focus on developing personal integrity in each athlete and developing each athlete's compassion for their teammates, with the goal of building in his athletes a sense of community and an ability to work as a team. Ultimately, Mohr wants players' participation in athletics to be a true extension of the core lessons they are being taught in the MMS classroom. So, being in sports isn't just about winning, and being in athletics isn't just about sports...

Coach Mohr's goals are in action right now with the 8th Grade Girls' Volleyball team. Mohr has been having them participate in teambuilding exercises during practice, and outside of practice, he has been building their sense of team and community through social interactions and team pasta dinners. This coming weekend, the team will be going to Covenant Harbor's Snake Road Adventure Center to participate in a day of adventure (ropes coarses and zip lines) and teambuilding experiences.

We wish them well as a team and congratulate them on their winning hot streak so far this season!

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