Remembering 9/11

This week in Mrs. Loder’s classroom, students learned about New York City and about the monuments of Washington D.C. After a review of several books on the subject, students were tasked with doing a short report and illustration on a building or monument of their choice. Krish, with very apt timing, chose the Twin Towers; he liked them because they were the tallest in New York City.

As he began his project, a statement came from a fellow student, “Those buildings aren’t there anymore, a plane came and knocked them down.”

Mrs. Loder’s students were puzzled by this and wondered what we all really wonder, “Why?” And Mrs. Loder’s answer, “I don’t know, but that is what happened.”

As we look back 10 years later, we still cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for such a loss. Sure, there are reasons and responsible parties, but a reasonable explanation? No.

Even now that a decade has passed, the images and the devastation are undiminished by the days and years that have come and gone, and perhaps that is for the best. By not letting the memories fade, we pay tribute to all those lost, and we stay vigilant in the hopes we will not experience a similar attack again.

Milwaukee Montessori School remembers.


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