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KNOWLEDGE:  An Astronomical Experience

As the photo gallery to the right shows, MMS was recently host to a mobile planetarium, the Sky Dome! It was a very exciting experience for our students to sit under the stars in school. First through eighth grade students experienced a 45 minute journey through the universe, learning about constellations, the Milky Way galaxy, the sun, moon and all of the planets. An especially unique element of the experience was that the presentation navigator, Mr. Dave Killion, showed our students the stars of the Northern Hemisphere exactly as they appeared on the day of the presentation.

Upper Elementary students in Ms. Kearns's classroom took an astronomy test a few days following the presentation, and they had an opportunity to highlight what they thought was most impressive about the nighttime sky.

Adonia B. said, "I found impressive that people found out they could make people, objects and things out of stars in the sky.  I also found it really cool that you could tell the time of year by looking in the sky, if you found the correct constellations, because different constellations come at different times of the year."

Elyse C. agreed that the constellations were a big draw for her, and she indicated how amazing it is that there are so many stars out there.  Furthermore, the constellations and their stories seemed very creative to her.  She said, "All of the great constellations were just pictures in the sky that took imagination.  There are so many stories that can be told by looking up at the sky."

Becoming able to identify the Big Dipper, Little Dipper and the North Star was what Dailey A. enjoyed.  She learned that, "When you search for the Big Dipper and then go straight up from the two stars at the end of the 'pan,' you'll find the Little Dipper.  Once that is found, you take the brightest star from that constellation and that is the North Star."

Although Jalen T. enjoyed the constellations, and even said that she tried looking for them at home, she indicated that the meteor shower was "By far the best part of the presentation."  Jalen further added that she has now become "enthralled with astronomy."


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