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Recently, Mrs. Heller's Extended Day Children's House students learned about the components of a bar graph (axes, scale, labels, bars and title). In order to better understand how a bar graph works, students created their own data set via a seasonally appropriate apple tasting and best apple vote. There were mixed reviews on the best apples. Nora S. thought the Macintosh was best because it was soft; however, Kabir R. thought that, "The Golden Delicious was the best because it wasn't too sweet and it also wasn't sour." After learning about and conducting a vote, the students graphed their results and were then able to understand a visual representation of which apple got the most votes. The Gala apple was the big winner!


On the Volleyball Court - A Storm Tracker Report

Jenna G., of the 5th/6th Grade Girls' Volleyball Team "White," showed true courage this past weekend against opponent Christ King. She is generally one of best and most consistent servers on the team; however, on Saturday she struggled in the first two sets. Coach Mohr was behind her though, and he reminded her of her place as a strong server on the team and the team's need for her to shake off her frustration for the third set. Coach Mohr encouraged her to show the other team just how great she is, as well as prove to herself that she can bounce back. Jenna was nervous to serve again, but she gathered her courage and got back on the court, starting off with a safe, easy float serve to regain her confidence. It was smooth sailing from there. Jenna served 13 in a row, earning 10 aces, in a game that went to only 15 points. Meanwhile, she had the other team scrambling by taking time outs and trying to move players around to get back in the game; however, that effort was to no avail, our girls beat Christ King in true Montessori Storm style. "It was amazing to see her be able to bounce back and really gain her confidence back again," said Coach Mohr of Jenna's accomplishment.

On the 5th/6th Grade Girls' Volleyball Team "Red," Mya V. has really shown this year as a player with ample courage. She is one of just two 5th graders on a 6th grader dominant team; however, she hasn't let that intimidate her. She is very vocal on the court. She calls the ball when it's hers and lets everyone know that she has the second ball when she's setter. Coach Ross has been impressed with Mya's attitude and courage on the court. She says, "In volleyball, it's easy to be timid and avoid calling attention to yourself by not calling the ball, taking charge or taking the chance of making a bad pass, but, it's taking those risks that ultimately makes you a better player and a better teammate."

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During the first week of school, Ms. Kearns' Upper Elementary classroom's discussions revolved a lot around the importance of creating a successful community: a place where students could work hard and help each other meet high standards and expectations that they have set for themselves. The class used the game Jenga as an analogy. When people are respectful and work hard, the Jenga blocks get stacked up together to show strong work ethics and respect for others. When people make choices that hurt the classroom community, the blocks are taken out to represent a community with holes in need of repair. As you can see from this picture, everyone is working very hard to make this classroom a great place to learn and work together!


com·pas·sion [kuhm-pash-uhn], noun: a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

Having our students learn about and get involved with the International Day of Peace served multiple learning objectives. The celebration of Peace Day occurred globally, as the desire for peace is held by many people all around the world, so our students gained a greater global perspective by participating in the day and creating their symbols of peace.  Also, a desire for peace is easily accompanied by feelings of compassion for others who are living in areas of war and unrest. Finally, our students learned that taking action, no matter how large or how small, makes an impact and is important.

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