8th Grade Reflections - 2014


Emily G. Strives for Excellence

While many students are unsure of the future, Emily knows where she is going. She started at Milwaukee Montessori School in Stepping Stones when she was just 2 years old. A talented bundle of energy, she is an accomplished student and musician. She sings, plays a multitude of instruments and makes movies. She received a Gold Key Award for her poetry and the Best Writing Award for the 48-hour film project. For the John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Summer Program, she was the highest scoring student in the Midwest. These achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. In the fall, Emily will attend the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. She was awarded a full, four-year scholarship to this elite boarding school. She is looking forward to classes in history and Russian as well as getting   involved in debate, the newspaper, tennis, and concert choir. Her ambition will lead her to Harvard, Yale or Stanford. Emily would like to earn her Law and Business degrees, work on Wall Street and then enter politics. And hopefully, one day get her dream job as the U.S Secretary of State.


Jalen T. Writes Her Future

“It will be hard to leave MMS,” says Jalen. “My classmates are not just my friends, they are my family.” Jalen started at Milwaukee Montessori when she was in Children’s House. All of her experiences at MMS have prepared her for the future as an author. A talented writer and artist, Jalen will be attending Pius XI High School in the fall. She is looking forward to their programs in writing, art and psychology. Currently, she is in the process of writing a novel and while on the MMUN trip to New York had the opportunity to meet with an editor. After high school, Jalen plans to attend college in New York studying either literature or design.


Elyse Pursues Ivy League

With dedication and commitment, Elyse has been focused on her academic career at MMS. She started when she was just 3 years old and has been driven and self-directed. Elyse will miss her teachers and friends but is ready for high school. She received the IEA’s  Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, a highly competitive merit-based full scholarship, for exceptionally gifted middle school students who demonstrate academic and personal excellence. This scholarship enabled Elyse to select any high school in the nation. After touring schools all over the country, she gained admission to Choate Rosemary Hall, a private boarding school in Connecticut. Elyse is most excited to join Model UN, debate, volleyball, and track and field. A skilled athlete, she became a three time 4 x 100 meter relay state champion. While undecided on a field of study, she plans to attend an Ivy League college. Elyse is most grateful for the support that her MMS community has provided.


Dylan’s Diligence


Marquette University High School will be a great fit for Dylan allowing him to pursue Latin, try out for the basketball team and get involved in the Marquette community. It will be hard to say good-by to classmates and teachers since Dylan has been at Milwaukee Montessori School since he was 18 months old. Throughout his academic career at MMS, Dylan feels that he has gained focus and discipline as well as learning how to be a leader and build a strong work ethic.


Ariana’s Artistic Pursuits

A student at Milwaukee Montessori School since she was three, Ariana has developed both her academic and artistic abilities. While at MMS, she earned a Gold Key Award in the Scholastic Art competition. Ariana has shown a talent for acting and has been in three First Stage plays. Each summer she attends their summer academy. She is very grateful for her educational experiences at MMS, especially  learning to manage her time. Ariana will attend Pius IX High School, having received the freshman math scholarship. Once at Pius, she plans take art and AP math courses and get involved in their acting  program. Thinking about plans for college is a bit overwhelming but she has the confidence to pursue her interests and dreams. She has had an amazing time at MMS and will miss all of her friends.


Adonia B.’s Commitment and Compassion

Adonia B. began her education at Milwaukee Montessori in Children’s House. She looks back fondly on all of her accomplishments. She is most proud of being  a 2012 Track & Field State Champion and a finalist in the University School of Milwaukee’s Joe Lubar Scholarship.  Due to its welcoming atmosphere, Adonia will attend Divine Savior Holy Angels this fall. She is excited to get involved with the sports and clubs they offer.  She recognizes that it will be hard to leave all of her friends and teacher that have inspired her. Adonia feels prepared for high school having learned how to ask questions and for assistance when needed. She has shown her compassion for the well-being of animals.  Adonia has served as a member of the Wisconsin’s Humane Society’s Young Advocates Club and is a regular volunteer at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Center. Unsure of where she plans to attend college, she is interested in a career as a doctor or in business as a CEO.


Elizabeth M. Will Continue to Serve

Wauwatosa East High will be a great fit for Elizabeth because she will be able to continue to play volleyball, which she loves. “Being on the MMS volleyball team, “ she says, “has been one of the greatest times of my life.” Besides volleyball, Elizabeth is excited to pursue theatre and choir. A student here at MMS since she was five, she has been dedicated to her academics, as well as being active in volleyball and track. While at MMS, she has won many awards including a scholastic art award and a few writing awards. Unsure of where she plans to attend college, Elizabeth is interested in a career in medicine. She recognizes and values the quality of Montessori education she has achieved at MMS. It has given her the confidence to take on new challenges.


Hannah D. Looking Forward

Hannah shared that her time here at Milwaukee Montessori School -making friends and the guidance of her teachers have prepared her for the future. She started her education at MMS with Children’s House and her most memorable experience while here was meeting her friend Amaya. Prior to their friendship, Hannah was shy and quiet and kept to herself. Now she is confident and able to express herself with her peers. Because of this, she will miss the many friendships that she has made. Outside of school, Hannah likes to dance, practice Taekwondo, take photographs and pursue artistic projects. Not certain of her high school plans yet, she is interested in attending either Pius XI or a school in Waukesha. She was attracted to Pius’ art curriculum and is excited to be reunited with her current MMS peers who are also attending the school. To prepare for high school, she is looking for a summer school program to ease the transition. Says Hannah, “If it were not for MMS, I feel that I would be a below average student.”  After high school, she is considering the professions of lawyer, fashion designer, or pursuing a beauty school education, like her aunt.


Jackson S. Engineering for the Future

While Jackson has only been at MMS since 7th grade, he has gained so much from his academic experience. Jackson is an avid reader who has a love of learning. This April, he really enjoyed attending the Montessori Model UN conference in New York.  He will be attending Pius XI in the fall and is proud to announce that he has received two scholarships for academic excellence. The first scholarship will be earned annually in recognition for his entrance exam scores.  The second scholarship is a single award for science. While at Pius XI, he plans to pursue acting and engineering. By his sophomore year, hopes to join robotics. After high school, Jackson is interested in becoming a linguist.


Madison Reaches for UW-Madison

Starting at MMS at just 18 months old, Madison K.’s life has been shaped by her teachers and peers. Through her academic studies and athletic pursuits, MMS has taught her to be independent and outgoing. Following in the footsteps of her siblings, Madison will be attending New Berlin West High School. An avid athlete, she is very excited to join their soccer team. She has achieved a lot in her time here at MMS, she placed second in this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest; has been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; and won many art awards. With all of her success, she is considering attending UW- Madison. Although Madison is looking forward to attending New Berlin West, she feels grateful for the wonderful friendships and memories made while at MMS and will miss everyone here.


Madylin B. Gets to the Root of Things

Milwaukee Montessori School has been the only school that Mady has ever known. She started here when she was just three years old. She feels that her MMS experience has prepared her for what lies ahead in high school and beyond. She has learned to be a problem solver and how to handle difficult situations. In the fall, Mady will be attending Muskego High School due to its proximity to her home. She was drawn to this school because of the wide variety of classes offered, especially in science. An accomplished tennis player, she will try out for the Muskego High School tennis team this summer. A well-rounded student, while at MMS she received a Silver Key award in the Scholastic writing contest. She is looking forward to joining both the newspaper and yearbook clubs in high school. As she looks to the future, she plans to pursue dentistry or journalism. She hopes to attend UW-Madison or a well-known dentistry school.


Brookfield and Beyond for Ahmed N.

Ahmed N. has spent most of his life at MMS, starting his education in Children’s House. He feels that MMS has given him the tools to organize his work and manage his time. In the fall, Ahmed plans to attend Brookfield Academy high school. He says he was attracted to Brookfield Academy because of their educational prowess and sense of community. He is looking forward to taking classes in science, biology and math as well as using his athletic talents in basketball and soccer. While still unsure where he wants to attend college, Ahmed would like to be an attorney or a politician because of his strong debating skills. Ahmed is excited about going to high school, he vows not to miss anyone.


Amaya T.’s Sense of Self

Having been a student at MMS since the 6th grade, Amaya T.’s favorite experience has been the Junior High field trips to Nature’s Classroom. Being naturally outgoing, she enjoys having the opportunity to meet new people on these trips at MMS. Amaya knows that her education here at MMS has given her stronger sense of self-confidence. She is proud of herself for taking on new challenges and accomplishing them. One of the hardest things for her to leave behind is the great friendships she has made with her fellow classmates and her teachers. Amaya plans to attend either Divine Savior Holy Angels or McDowell Montessori and is looking forward to writing classes and joining the school newspaper. Over the summer, she plans to work as a counselor at a church camp. After high school, she is interested in pursuing a degree in psychology at UCLA.


Anna M.’s Continuing Compassion

At MMS since she was 18 months old, it will be hard for Anna M. to leave her MMS family. Smiling, Anna says, “Everyone here is so loving and supportive.” Anna feels that at MMS, she has truly become an independent individual. She is most proud of winning a Gold Key Award in the Scholastic writing contest and going to state on the MMS Track & Field team three times. Drawn to their school and team spirit, Anna will attend Tosa East High School this fall. Ever the dedicated student, she wants to get a head start by taking a few summer school courses this summer. Once at Tosa East, Anna plans on getting involved by joining the swim team, orchestra, and their buddies program which helps kids with special needs. Though unsure of where she would like to attend college, she is interested in becoming a psychologist and possibly a counselor.


Simon B. Shoots for the Stars

Since the age of three, Simon has immersed himself into the culture of Milwaukee Montessori School. Throughout his years, Simon has collected countless fond memories, from spirited snowball fights to moments of glory on the basketball court. Finding a balance between practices and the classroom has never been a problem, with his notable time management skills gained from MMS academics. His love for learning will usher his plans for success at Dominican High School. Impressively, Simon already has narrowed his sights to a few potential universities, including UCONN, Louisville, Florida, UNC, Kansas U, and Kentucky! The strong friendships Simon formed at MMS are ones that will endure. With the exciting new adventure ahead, Simon’s varying skill set will allow him the chance to score big.

Sophia V. Writes a Picturesque Future

Having enrolled at the age of two, nothing has held Sophia back while at MMS. Her passion for the fine arts has already resulted in a remarkable resume. Her talents earned her a prestigious Silver Key Art Award for excellence in photography, and an English Scholarship at Pius XI High School. Her literary gifts will lend to her desire to immerse herself into the theatrical, choir and improv department at Pius. Striving to maintain balance, Sophia loves volunteering at a horse farm, rock-climbing, and most recently, channeling her passion for English into writing a novel. Despite Sophia’s myriad of accomplishments, it is the time spent with her friends that she treasures the most, especially those final days before summer. There is no doubt her mature demeanor, combined with an ambitious spirit, will support her collegiate and career interests in medicine and nanotechnology.

Tamia F. Draft’s her Destiny

As an eighteen-month old, Tamia began her journey at MMS in 2002. Clearly motivated from a young age, the individualized learning style only served to aid her future aspirations. With her prospects in mind, Tamia had a desire to attend high school at Divine Savior Holy Angels, which will come to fruition later this year. She has excelled in track, pushing herself to become a three time Hershey Track and Field State Champion! Yet, her other numerous athletic awards are only a fragment of Tamia’s developing story. She traveled to New York City to attend the Montessori Model United Nations, actively pursues volleyball, and has already seen her writings published. With her distant sights set on attending Penn State or Brown University, her already published work and impressive composure will only further cater to her ultimate goal of becoming a Fashion Magazine Editor.


Thierry D.’s Beaming Potential  

Thierry has brought his laughter and light to the classrooms at MMS since 2003. The classes at MMS have allowed Thierry to pursue his growing love for soccer, basketball, ceramics and photography. Equipped with his diverse passions and a charming demeanor, Thierry eagerly awaits the rigor of Marquette University High School this fall. This summer, Thierry will be keeping busy going on camping trips, and participating in various volunteer activities. He consistently helps with the Kohl’s River Clean Up program, as well as assisting some elderly neighbors with chores. Keeping an open mind as his future approaches, Thierry’s laughter and undeniably giving spirit, will position him for a promising future.

William K.’s Steady Road Onward

In the ten years that William has spent at Milwaukee Montessori School, he has proved himself to be an exemplary student and friend. William believes his time at MMS has prepared him to be independent and responsible for himself. These are the tools he will carry with him this fall to MacDowell Montessori School. In addition to high school academics, William looks forward to getting involved in the basketball program at his new school.  His relaxed attitude to, “let the summer guide me,” will provide William with just the right amount of rest and relaxation before the next chapter of his life. William sees himself as a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a law degree. As an exceptional student, friend, and member of the MMS community, William’s footing for the future is sound.

Mark “Ace” H.  Aims for Excellence

Ace has enjoyed his educational experiences at Milwaukee Montessori School. He started here when he was four years old. His favorite times have been the many trips to Nature’s Classroom, working as a team and making new friends. An accomplished athlete, he plays soccer, football and also serves as referee. This fall, Ace will be attending Marquette University High School. He was attracted to the school’s academic excellence, all-male community and their religious studies. He is looking forward to joining the newspaper and the track team. This summer, Ace plans to take a strength camp at Marquette University. For a future career, he is interested in programming and engineering. He is determined to attend college in Canada.


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