About Tech Use at MMS

About Tech Use at MMS

Milwaukee Montessori School has invested in the infrastructure and materials to allow even our youngest students to harness the extraordinary benefits of academic technology. All MMS students from age three have access to multiple computers in their classrooms, and they use them daily to develop skills in reading, spelling, mathematics, and even foreign language study. Through our web-based learning accounts, students can learn and receive feedback from our teachers, even on days and months that school is closed.

Beginning at age six, all of our students use Tablet PCs with a screen stylus or electronic pen. Tablet computers are most commonly found on college campuses, and are especially favored by engineering schools. MMS is one of only a very few schools in the country to use tablets in elementary school.

Tablets not only contain notes and assignments, but are tools to create multimedia projects for every subject, including animation, videos, sounds, graphs, and images. The first benefit of integrating cutting-edge technology with time-tested Montessori methodology is that students become exceptionally skilled in areas that will help them thrive in high school. Yet beyond this, discerning reputable data from opinion, compiling and presenting compelling research, animating drawings and diagrams, creating video and audio to share ideas, and staying at the forefront of technology are skills that will give them a decisive edge in a competitive marketplace.

MMS students and parents sign an Acceptable Use Policy before each academic year commences, and we monitor and instruct students continually on remaining safe and vigilant employing ethical decisions and staying alert to viruses, adware, malware, and scams...

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