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Hannah Ross:


"I love how excited the girls are, and how much they enjoy the sport and are happy to work hard to improve their skills and come together as a team," said Coach Ross of why she enjoys coaching volleyball.

Coach Ross is in her third year of volleyball coaching at MMS.  She is IMPACT certified and grew-up playing volleyball.  Prior to coaching at MMS, she coached a number of clinics and camps. Besides playing volleyball, she was also active in gymnastics as a child and as an adult she has come to enjoy jiu jitsu!

Her coaching philosophy focuses heavily on teamwork and team building.  She says, "The part of playing volleyball that is both the trickiest and the most rewarding is developing team chemistry.  When teammates learn how to work together, how to make everyone feel like an integral part of the team, how to be united both when they're winning and when they're losing...that's when a team is successful."

She's excited for another great year on the court with our MMS Storm Team players!

Jon Mohr:

Volleyball, Track and Field, and Athletics Classes

The best lesson Coach Jon Mohr ever learned from his own coach is:  "Have mental toughness to push through and always work harder than the opponent."  This is an excellent philosophy and one that Mohr not only lives by but also coaches by.  Coach Mohr has been with MMS for more than seven years, and he currently teaches our athletics classes and coaches our star volleyball and track and field teams. 

Mohr started coaching volleyball four years ago for the Muskego Stars Club team but now devotes all his coaching time to the Milwaukee Montessori Storm teams.  He has spent several years learning and dissecting the game. He is USA Impact certified and MVI (Minnesota Volleyball Instructors) certified.  Coach Mohr has also spent weeks working and learning alongside of great Olympic, and college coaches, such as Hugh McCutcheon, Karch Kiraly, Bond Schymansky, and many more who have helped develop his coaching philosophy and style.

Outside of the MMS walls, Mohr is most at home on the water.  He is an avid water skier, and you can see him in action with the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club during the summer.

Roger Gonzalez:

Flag Football, Basketball, Track and Field, and Athletics Classes

Coach Gonzalez's favorite thing about coaching is, "Seeing the kids progress in the development and understanding of the game." It is really rewarding for him when he sees a player finally have their "aha moment" about how to play the game. He has been coaching at MMS for five years, and he just finished up the season as coach for the 4th/5th grade and the 6th grade basketball teams. Coach G. also runs our flag football club in the fall, assists Coach Mohr and Ms. Demakopoluos with Upper Elementary and Junior High athletics classes, and coaches track and field in the spring.

Besides having five years of experience in athletics with our students, Coach Gonzalez has also received training in sport planning and has attended the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic. In April, he will be attending the Nike Championship Basketball Clinic. He has been with MMS since 2002, working in our child care and classroom programs; however, these days, when he is off the court/field, he can be found developing the videos and motion graphics that give you insight into your child's day at MMS. Click here to view our video library.

His coaching philosophy is an equation that can apply to much more than sports. He says that, "A player's amount of effort multiplied by the amount of work they put in will equal their level of success. So, a low amount of effort and work will equal a low level of success, in anything, athletics, academics and life." This philosophy was built on what he says was the best lesson he learned from a coach, which is, "Work hard, play hard, win."

Gonzalez most definitely practices what he preaches. He is very active in recreational football and basketball, and he is aiming to get back into boxing, another sport he enjoyed in his youth.

Stephanie Grant:

Track and Field

Coach Grant has been involved with track since the fourth grade. Since then, she has competed in state high school meets (where she was part of the state-champion 4x400 relay team and state runner-up in the 400-meter dash), and as a four-year member of the Division I Marquette University track team. She has also volunteered her time and expertise to several youth track camps.

Coach Grant wanted to come to Milwaukee Montessori School not only because of its successful track and field record, but also because of its excellent academic reputation. “The students at Milwaukee Montessori School are highly motivated and ready to learn, not only in the classroom but at track practice as well. This environment is conducive for success, and I am excited to be a part of it,” Coach Grant explains.

She adds that her favorite part about coaching is helping young athletes reach their full potential. “I have learned a lot about the sport of track and field from my experiences as an athlete and I hope to communicate these skills to my athletes,” she says. “As a coach, I enjoy seeing the progress the athletes are already making and can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds!”

Travis Mather:

Basketball & Track and Field

"I really enjoy coaching because I get to work with kids that are passionate about working together to achieve a common goal. It is exciting to pass my experiences onto the younger generation," said Coach Mather. He has been coaching at MMS since the fall 2010, and he is currently coaching our 7th/8th Grade Team.

He believes a "coach should play towards the players' personalities. I also believe that delivering the proper confidence and preparation will result in success in both sporting events and real-life situations." Mather adds that the best lesson he ever learned from a coach is that "success is contagious."

Currently, Mather is finishing his college degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Strength and Conditioning. He is an ISSA certified personal trainer. "Growing up," he says, "I always played football and basketball." He played football at Carroll College, and in high school he was an All Conference, All Area Defensive End and Punter. "I still play both," he continues, "but I now mostly participate in Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and state power lifting competitions. I also enjoy running competitively."


Check back soon for Storm Tracker spotlights on the rest of the excellent MMS coaching staff...

Chris Gauger:

Athletics Classes; Flag Football and Basketball Assistant Coach

Maria Demakopoluos:

Athletics Classes; Track and Field Assistant Coach


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