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10/30/13 Report


7th/8th Graders win St. Joe's Tournament!


Congratulations to our 7th/8th grade volleyball team for taking home first place at the St. Joe’s volleyball tournament last week! Seeded third in the tournament, the Storm fought their way through a tough bracket, going undefeated on Sunday to become tournament champions.

“The girls clicked,” says Coach Mohr. “They finally came together to play as a team, putting all their talents into one pool.”

The Storm had a rough start as the tournament began on Wednesday, October 23rd. “We were a little shaky during pool play,” admits Coach Mohr, “But all season long we’ve been talking about staying strong in the face of adversity. The girls kept strong character during a tough start, and their hard work and determination paid off.”

After being seeded third in the tournament, the Storm picked off team after team, beating seven on their road to the championship match against Wisconsin Hills of Elm Grove. The final match was tough, but after struggling at the start, the Storm pulled together and fought back to win. “It was surreal for the girls,” Coach Mohr says. “Even they couldn’t believe how dominant they played. But it goes to show how far great teamwork can take you.”

While he’s proud of the team’s accomplishment last week, Coach Mohr considers it a motivator for the biggest tournament of the season this weekend. The Seton tournament began yesterday and runs through Sunday, pitting the Storm against some of the top volleyball teams in the state. Come show your support for the Storm as they continue tournament play on Friday, November 1st at 5:30pm at Center Court in Waukesha (815 Northview Rd). Good luck, Storm! Here’s to another tournament win!


10/3/13 Report


Halfway through their season, the MMS Storm Volleyball teams are continuing to improve, showing tenacity and learning to work as a team with every game. After winning both matches in a double-header last weekend, the 7th/8th-grade girls' team is 4-3, despite having a shortened roster due to injuries. "With each game the girls are learning how to play together as a team," said Coach Mohr. "It's a brand new team with a brand new dynamic, so I'm really proud of how they're coming along so quickly." In a recent match against Waukesha Catholic, the Storm found themselves down 2-10 in a tiebreak at the end of a game. The girls rallied together, communicated well and managed to come back to win the tiebreak and the match! In the second half of the season, the players are looking forward to their injured teammates healing up to take the court as a full team, continuing down the road to a victorious season.

The 5th/6th grade girls' team is also learning about new team dynamics - of their six team members, four are new to the game of volleyball. However, with each practice and every game, the girls are showing huge strides in improvement. "Their serving has come a long way since our first practice," says Coach Ross. "Improved serving is very important for a new team." In a recent match against Waukesha Catholic, our Storm was playing with only four players, but  played so well they only narrowly lost the match. After the match, parents, coaches and players from other teams approached our 5th/6th grade Storm team and told them how much fun they are to watch - their enthusiastic cheers after every point make them the loudest team in the gym!

Our 5th-7th grade boys' team is showing a huge improvement over last year's play, as well; although they have yet to win a match, they're scoring more points each match than they did all last season. The boys are getting a great feel for the game and are making noticeable improvements every day of practice. According to Coach Mohr, the team is playing well, their service game is noticeably better and the team is looking forward to their first victory.

Stay tuned as we continue to cheer on our Storm Volleyball teams all season long!


1/23/13 Report


2012-2013 Basketball Mid-Season Update

"A player's amount of effort multiplied by the amount of work they put in will equal their level of success." – Coach G.


For any sport, the basis of whether you are succeeding is setting and accomplishing individual and team goals. So far this season, each of our basketball teams has set clear goals, whether a goal for one day’s practice, a goal for a particular game or a more general goal for the entire season. By setting these clear goals, our teams are finding success and growing in their knowledge of the sport and its fundamental skills.

The 7th/8th grade team has had a great start to the season, with a record of 5-1. Coach Mather has noted that each player has their own individual goals they’d like to work on, whether it’s better dribbling or improved defensive skills, but what he is most proud of is the entire team’s desire to compete and the willingness to learn. Aside from their stellar regular-season record, in December the team went undefeated and won the St. Matthais 8th-grade basketball tournament. “It was huge,” says Coach Mather. “We were the only team with 7th graders, and I was particularly impressed with how they stepped up. Everyone played very well.” Adds 7th grader Ace H., “It was a great feeling [winning the tournament]. We all played well together, working as a team and making our shots. It was fun!"

For the younger players, the biggest goals Coach G. has set are improvement in confidence at game time and in fundamentals. “Halfway through the season I’m seeing players who never touched a basketball moving up and down the court. Once afraid, they now realize there’s nothing to be afraid of during a game.” Aside from improving in fundamentals, the 4th/5th and 5th/6th grade teams are also learning how to play as a team. “I teach the players who are improving at a fast pace to help lead the players that may be struggling,” says Coach G. “The message I hope to instill in them is that you can be the greatest dribbler, shooter and score tons of points, but the greatest players of all time are the ones who make the players around them better.”

Whether their goal is to win a tournament or simply to gain a wider understanding of the game of basketball, each of our MMS teams is succeeding this season. And while fundamentals may be a big part of the game, Coach Mather says their number-one goal for the season is to have fun. Coach G. agrees, “It’s important that they have as much fun playing this game at this level because you only can play 4th, 5th, 6th grade basketball once and that's it, so enjoy it!”



11/8/12 Report

Volleyball Season Wrap-up


The 2012 Volleyball season ended with a bang after a great performance by the 5th/6th Grade Girls’ Team “White” in the St. Dominic’s tournament, where they took 2nd place in the Gold Division. The girls started in pool D, which was the last pool in the tournament, and they fought their way into pool A.

“The girls played with pure determination and desire to win. When the girls were tested, they answered and played their best sets ever at just the right time. The perseverance that they played with will be a lasting memory for not only the girls but for me as well. I have seen and been part of a lot of volleyball throughout the last 6 years, and the way the girls came together and never gave up was the best volleyball game I have ever been a part of!” exclaimed Coach Jon Mohr. This team also tied for 1st in the Metro Volleyball Conference with a regular season record of 9-1.

The 7th/8th Grade Girls’ Team competed last week in the Seton tournament, where they made it through the first round. Coach Mohr said, “They grew from a B team to making it into the top three in an A league, which is a huge transition. The girls played great all season long.” In fact, they finished 3rd in the Metro Volleyball Conference with a regular season record of 6-4.

Coach Hannah Ross spoke with pride about how her 5th/6th Grade Girls’ Team “Red,” who came in 4th in the Metro Conference, finished their season. When their season started, they were a mix of girls who had not all played together before, and they needed to build themselves into a cohesive team. “By the end of the season, they were playing well together and trusting themselves and their teammates. They were successfully playing pass-set-attack, and several girls were making strides in their serving,” said Coach Ross. The best part though, she indicated, was that the girls had FUN. When she asked them what the best part of their volleyball season was, they said, “Learning to play as a team.”


The 5th/6th Grade Boys’ Team had a productive season. They won two more games than in their previous season, and they are starting to understand how to play volleyball as a team. This year, they improved their skills by learning to attack from the back row, learning about the attack line, and learning about getting in multiple hits on a side to “better the ball.” “Overall the boys have become a stronger, smarter team and that will only lead to yet another great season next year,” said Coach Mohr.

Coach Mohr says that all of our players are continuously getting smarter, stronger, and faster in their ability to play at a high level. Our players are all gaining an understanding that becoming a great team requires building each other up and trusting in each other.

All MMS Storm Volleyball players will be working on their skills in the off-season, either in club volleyball, our winter volleyball clinic or staying active and healthy in an alternate sport. Out of 33 players, 17 have not only tried out for club ball but have made it on some strong club teams. We also have a large number of students in 4th grade signed-up to get involved with our winter volleyball clinic to get prepared for their first season next year. The Montessori Storm is going to come back next season on fire, full of knowledge and better equipped for the next season.



10/24/12 Report



The 5th/6th Grade Girls' Volleyball Team "Red" had another big achievement two weeks ago when they took first in the St. Roman's tournament, earning trophies for each player. Coach Ross said, "The girls really worked together as a team, calling the ball and getting good passes to the setter." To win the tournament, the team beat St. Greg, Brookfield Academy and St. Mary's Hales Corners. Congratulations on another big win!

5th/6th Grade Girls' Volleyball Team "White" also got into the tournament action this past weekend by playing up in a 7th grade tournament at St. Roman's, where they took 5th place. Coach Mohr commented that, "This team has recently learned how to successfully play a 4.2 system as well as a 5.1 system. I am and was very impressed that the girls only had one week to learn a whole new system and did so in great fashion. They never got called for being out of place or out of rotation. Very impressive! If the girls win this coming weekend against St. Jude, they get 1st place in the [Metro Volleyball] conference." Currently this team stands at a 10-1 record!

The 7th/8th Grade Girls' Volleyball Team took 3rd place in the St. Leonard's tournament this past weekend. "The girls have gotten their groove back [after a few losses] and are peaking at just the right time in the season. They are also trying to run a 5.1 system, and they are getting excited to use it in their upcoming game this weekend against St. Mary (MF). This is a huge game and if they win, they will take 3rd place in the [Metro Volleyball] conference," exclaimed Coach Mohr.



10/2/12 Report



5th/6th Grade Girls' Team "Red" took home the Silver Division Championship (Consolation Champions!!!) in the St. Mary Menomonee Falls tournament this past weekend. They went 1-2 last Wednesday night, playing three tough teams in their pool. Then on Saturday, they won both of their games to win the Consolation Bracket! Mya and Caterina had phenomenal digs in these games, and Alex and Sydney had some great spikes! As a team, their passing, usage of three hits and communication is what helped them win their games on Saturday!

Coach Ross went on to say that, "The girls really came together as a team, calling the ball and passing to the setter."



9/25/12 Report

Courage on the Volleyball Court

Jenna G., of the 5th/6th Grade Girls' Volleyball Team "White," showed true courage this past weekend against opponent Christ King. She is generally one of best and most consistent servers on the team; however, on Saturday she struggled in the first two sets. Coach Mohr was behind her though, and he reminded her of her place as a strong server on the team and the team's need for her to shake off her frustration for the third set. Coach Mohr encouraged her to show the other team just how great she is, as well as prove to herself that she can bounce back. Jenna was nervous to serve again, but she gathered her courage and got back on the court, starting off with a safe, easy float serve to regain her confidence. It was smooth sailing from there. Jenna served 13 in a row, earning 10 aces, in a game that went to only 15 points. Meanwhile, she had the other team scrambling by taking time outs and trying to move players around to get back in the game; however, that effort was to no avail, our girls beat Christ King in true Montessori Storm style. "It was amazing to see her be able to bounce back and really gain her confidence back again," said Coach Mohr of Jenna's accomplishment.

On the 5th/6th Grade Girls' Volleyball Team "Red," Mya V. has really shown this year as a player with ample courage. She is one of just two 5th graders on a 6th grader dominant team; however, she hasn't let that intimidate her. She is very vocal on the court. She calls the ball when it's hers and lets everyone know that she has the second ball when she's setter. Coach Ross has been impressed with Mya's attitude and courage on the court. She says, "In volleyball, it's easy to be timid and avoid calling attention to yourself by not calling the ball, taking charge or taking the chance of making a bad pass, but, it's taking those risks that ultimately makes you a better player and a better teammate."



9/11/12 Report


The MMS Storm volleyball teams kicked-off the season in a very strong way!  The 7th/8th grade girls' team started things off in the St. Charles (Hartland) Fall Festival Classic Tournament, where they took first place in their pool by beating St. John Vianney and St. Dominic to move on to the finals.  In the finals, they played a very strong St. Mary's Menomonee Falls team and took second place overall in the tournament. Coach Mohr said, "The girls nerves took over initially, and we got behind in both games, but we came back strong on defense.  Adonia had a strong game with multiple kills and great serving.  Abby D. and Maggie S. played strong back row defense, and Maggie had two kills from the back row."

In Metro Conference Volleyball League play, all four MMS Storm Teams won their first matches!  "All the girls won this weekend and the boys team also played with great focus to pull out a win.  The boys did great passing and Adrian L. served at 90%!" Coach Mohr commented.

He went on to say that the 5th/6th grade girls' white team really dominated the floor.  "They all ran the 4-2 system, with no mistakes. This was a huge accomplishment for the girls as a few of the players have never ran a set system before. In the third set, Terreana B. served the team back in the game and into victory, sweeping Brookfield Academy."  Coach Hannah Ross had high praises for her 5th/6th grade girls' red team as well, "The team worked together very well and focused on passing to the setter and getting three contacts on a side."

All in all, the Montessori Storm as a whole definitely showed up to play and made a statement across the board of who we are and just how athletically sound we are as a school.



6/25/12 Report

Track and Field

Congrats to our MMS Storm Girls' Track and Field 4x100 relay team of Anna M., Adonia B., Tamia F. and Elyse C. who WON at State!!!



6/7/12 Report

Track and Field

As the school year winds down, the track and field season is heating up! Most recently, the Storm team competed in the Brookfield Academy meet and the Hershey Regional meet. At the Brookfield Academy meet, our runners stepped up for an increased challenge: Each runner ran a grade up in at least one event. Even amidst the older competition, we had multiple runners finish in the top three across the board. The most exciting event was the 100 hurdles and the 100 open. In the hurdles, Dailey A. took 1st overall and Adonia B. took 2nd overall. Also, in the 100 open Adonia B. took 1st overall in 7th grade (she is a 6th grader). Running against older students helped them prepare for the strong competition in the Hershey meet.

The Hershey Regional meet was a great success. Our own Turquoise B. opened the meet by reading the Student Athlete Oath. She represented herself and MMS well by speaking with great poise. Nine runners qualified to move on to the District meet, which will be held tonight at Racine Case High School, and all of them will have a chance to go to State. Only runners finishing in 1st place overall at the Hershey Regional qualified, so having nine athletes achieve this is truly remarkable! Turquoise B. qualified to move on to the District meet in three events, the 100m, 200m and softball throw. Will M. and Anna M. qualified for the 400m, Will G. will be competing in the 800m, and Chase K. will be running the 1600m at the District meet. The relay team of Anna M., Adonia B., Tamia F. and Elyse C. will run the 4x100, and finally, Vincent D. will compete in the standing long jump. Come on out to Racine Case High School tonight to cheer on our Storm runners!

In alumni athletic news, Rayce Albino went to State Championships in the 4x100 and pole vault events, and she was conference champ in both events. In both events, she has the second best performance in New Berlin West High School history, which awards her two hall of fame awards. Rayce also earned the Rookie of the Year award and a varsity letter for gaining the 4th highest point total. Alumni Sabrina Tumicelli and Melissa Pelkey also had big seasons. They helped take the Franklin Lady Sabers track and field team to the sectional championship. The Franklin team won the WIAA Regional track meet at South Milwaukee, where Sabrina took 3rd in the 400m and 3rd as a participant of the mile relay and Melissa took 4th as a member of the 4x200 relay. In the WIAA Sectional Championship their team finished 2nd, which in this very competitive meet was once again indicative of the great season they had. At sectionals, Sabrina took 7th as a member of the 4x200 relay and Melissa took 6th in the 400m.



5/24/12 Report

Track and Field

It was a hot weekend on the track, but that did not stop MMS runners from kicking the heat and the pressure up a notch against their competitors. For their efforts, the girls’ track and field team took fourth place overall in the Bulldog Dash Invite. They accomplished that standing by taking first in a number of events and breaking some records.

Dailey A. took first place in the 200m, and Adonia B. took first place in the 100m. The 4x400 relay team of Adonia B., Elyse C., Anna M., and Hannah D. not only took first place by a landslide, but they also broke a record. Lizzy M. learned how to long jump in our backyard sand pit only one week before this meet, and then she took first in the event and broke a record! The relay team of Dailey A., Elyse C., Anna M. and Tamia F. took second place, and Turquoise B. took second place in the 200m. On the boys’ team, Sam S. placed in all three of the events that he entered.



4/17/12 Report

Track and Field

Last Saturday, our Storm track and field team brought the thunder to the University Indoor Invite at UWM. The girls were AMAZING competitors and earned multiple ribbon awards. The 4x200 relay team of Jenna G., Lizzie M., Megan K. and Chyna B. took 1st place overall, which helped springboard the girls to take 2nd place in the meet and bring home yet another trophy.

The boys did a great job representing MMS even though they only had a seven-man team to compete with.  They really made an impact throughout the track meet and literally on the track as well.  Two of our boys got pushed down and run over, yet they still got up and finished 3rd in each of their heats.  Jacob T. stood out at the meet by earning 1st or 2nd in his heat in each of his events.

Our Storm runners represented more than just athletic prowess, they also represented sportsmanship by being one of the few teams that high-fived runners from other schools after the races. Coach Mohr said, "We always made sure to give a little love, as we call it, to all the runners. It was a great meet, and our Storm team cannot wait to get back on the track."  Learn more about the team and their upcoming meet schedule.



3/13/12 Report


The 7th/8th grade team closed their season this past weekend in the 2012 Beulah Brinton Tournament Championship Series. They won their first game against BIC by a large margin. In their second game, against arch rival Golda Meir, MMS fans were watching with bated breath to see whether the 7th/8th grade team would manage their nerves, but foul trouble seemed to plague them in the end. Matt F. brought 15 points to the game, with two three-point shots, and Frazier K. and Jake T. both had excellent games as well. Coach Mather said, “They controlled the ball and got after the ball on defense.” The results of this final game did not mask what was a stellar overall season with nine wins in the Beulah Brinton league and six league losses.



3/8/12 Report


7th/8th grade team takes 2nd place trophy in St. Thomas Aquinas tournament.
The team started off the St. Thomas Aquinas tournament with a win against Blessed Sacrament. They went on to beat St. Paul’s, which put them into the championship game against St. Jude.  They fell behind by a close margin in that game, earning the 2nd place trophy. In describing that final tournament game, Coach Mather said, “We played great and had the lead for about half the game, but some free throws and a three-point shot made by one of the St. Jude players at the end brought them to a three point victory.” Olivier and Fraizer stepped up big and were great leaders on both sides of the court. Daijon also did especially well with getting everyone to work and play as a team. Director of Co-curricular Programming, Julie Christensen, agreed saying that the tournament was, “Very exciting. Frazier was a rebounding machine. Olivier had a few steals. Matt and Will both rebounded well. Chase made some big baskets towards the end of the game. They were so fun to watch.” They will finish their season this coming Saturday, first game starts at 2:00pm, in the Beulah Brinton tournament.

6th grade team ends their season on a high note, beating Tamarack 23-8.
The 6th grade team played outstanding basketball this past Saturday against Tamarack. Each team member stepped-up, and according to Coach Gonzalez, “Played at peak performance level.” Will K. even made a half-court basket in the final second of the first half. Coach G. described the situation proudly saying, “That had the team and the parents bursting into cheers and screaming with joy.” They won the game 23-8, which was a great way to end a tough season.

4th/5th grade team scores six points on fast breaks in last two minutes of game against Milwaukee Math & Science Academy.
“They played a close game,” said Coach Gonzalez. “They did really well to come within two points of the other team’s lead in those last two minutes.” In reflecting on the season he adds that, “It was nice to see kids who had never played team basketball before in their lives, as well as some who had never before touched a basketball, learn the game and gain confidence in their basketball skills.” One player that stood out for Coach G. was Deniz, “Who started off nervous, not knowing if he even wanted to play basketball.” “He ended up finding out that he liked to play, and he ended up learning a lot, gaining courage and doing really well.” The 4th/5th grade team ended the season with a 5-7 record.



2/28/12 Report


This past weekend, the 7th/8th grade team competed in three games at the St. Leonard’s tournament.  In describing the tournament results, Coach Mather said, "Due to injuries and a smaller number of guys, we did not do our best."  The team did, however, win their league game against Prince of Peace.  Coach Mather indicated that, "Connor and Chase have been playing exceptionally well. Despite our number of guys, they have stepped up big and played a lot of productive minutes for the team."

Though they did not come out on top over BIC, the 6th grade team played great basketball against a rival team but just fell short.  Dylan K. & William K. made some long range shots, according to Coach Gonzalez.  Coach added that Vincent and Anshul, both 5th graders who volunteer to play with the 6th graders, played physical with many rebounds and steals.

The 4th/5th grade team had a tough game against Forest Home, a team that they fell behind by only one point in their last match-up on February 4th.



2/22/12 Report


As the season nears its end, the 7th/8th grade team has started to ramp-up with tournament play. This past weekend, at the St. Mary's Hales Corners tournament, they achieved a huge team triumph by beating the home team, St. Mary's Hales Corners, on their spirit night. They had many fans in attendance, who were cheering loudly for their team and in opposition of MMS. Player William G. said, "It was hard, but it felt really good to win." To top if off, Frazier K. was named to the All Tournament Team. The 7th/8th graders also won both of their league games this past Saturday.

Though they did not triumph over Mercy Academy this past Saturday, the 6th grade team kept their game play together and made a great effort. 5th grader Vincent D., who volunteers for the 6th grade team, scored four points by executing the pick and roll play with Dylan K. Dylan made some great passes and is a true point guard.  He distributes the ball and scores.

The 4th/5th grade team won this past Saturday, making their record now 5-5.  Jenna G. and Will M. had opportunities in this game to play a different positions, and they did very well.  Anika G. was thrilled to score her first point of the season.  She was super excited about it and was dancing and jumping around on the court even as the game continued!



2/7/12 Report


Last Saturday, both the 4th/5th grade and the 7th/8th grade teams played very exciting games that were nail-biters until the end, each team falling short by just one point. The 6th grade team put in a great effort, expelling most of their energy in the first quarter, where they held Golda Meir to a small lead, but they were unable to prevail in the end.



2/6/12 Report

Track and Field

Abby D., Turquoise B., and Jordan B., three of our most elite athletes, all competed in The USA Indoor Track and Field meet this past Sunday, February 5th.

Abby D. competed in the triple jump, 55m dash as well as the 200m dash. This was Abby's first time ever to compete (as well as do) in the triple jump, and she earned a 3rd place medal by jumping 25.1 ft. In the 55m dash Abby ran 8.61 seconds. Abby also ran in the 200m and had a great time of 33.27 sec.

Jordan B. competed in long jump as well as 55m dash. Jordan medaled in the long jump, placing 3rd with a jump of 13.3 feet. Jordan also ran the 55m dash time in 8.78 seconds.

Turquoise B. competed in the 55m dash, as well as the 200m dash. Turquoise placed 5th overall for both events that she competed in. In the 55m dash Turquoise ran a 8.10 seconds, in the 200m dash 30.0 sec.

"All three of the girls did an outstanding job and this is going to be a great way to jump start our 2012 track and field season!" exclaimed MMS track and field coach, Jon Mohr.



2/2/12 Report


When discussing the season to date with players, a common theme appears: “Teamwork.” Whether coming off of a recent win, or a tough loss, the focus on playing as a team, working hard together and supporting teammates remains. “When we play as a team, we all do good and win as a team. But when we lose, we all lose as a team. Teamwork is really important to the game,” said 7th grader Matt F.

The 7th/8th grade team has seen a great season so far; they currently hold a record of 5-2. Coach Mather regularly comments on the great work his players are putting in on the court. Of the January 14th win, Mather said, “On Saturday’s victory, Jake did an excellent job getting on the ball on defense and creating points in transition. Frazier had another big game, both in the post and also trying out the point guard position.” Last Saturday, they lead for most of the game, but lost in the end due to early fouls that put key players in foul trouble, keeping them on the bench for the last half of the game.

The outlook for the rest of the season is good though, and players are very focused this week. Chase K. says, “Last weekend we played a good game, but lost in the end. I’d say we need to pick up the intensity and play harder in our next game.” And Matt F. agrees, “We have had a good season, to keep it going, we can’t get arrogant.”

The 6th grade team has faced some challenges this season, and they currently hold a record of 1-6. That first win came last Saturday with “a great defensive stand and great execution on the offensive side, which earned them their must needed first victory,” said Coach Gonzalez. Coach has said that the 6th grader’s league is particularly difficult this year, which has been tough but has given the players great experience. Player Dylan K. agreed saying that the season has been “hard, but we’ve been working on spacing and getting the plays right” to overcome it.

Over the past two weeks, the team has also suffered a number of injuries, leaving them without a bench. When Coach G. asked for volunteers, several players from the 4th/5th grade team (Vincent D., Clayton H., Will M.) stepped-up to join the 6th graders to play and come off the bench as subs. Coach says that help has been huge. “It is very courageous for them to play up, as the 6th graders are a lot bigger. Their help was really integral in the team’s most recent win.”

The 4th/5th grade team has a 4-3 record. In discussing last Saturday’s game, Coach Gonzalez said, they “won with an all around good team effort. Anika G. battled in the middle against a bigger, older opponent and didn’t back down. Her aggressive play earned cheers from parents in the stands.” 4th grader Clayton H. says that the season is going “good, what I really like most is the winning and the teamwork.” He says that they’ve been working hard in practice to build their skills by focusing on the fundamentals, such as “dribbling and shooting and running plays. We also run a lot!” His outlook for the rest of the season is positive, “We’re going to win the rest of our games because we’re working as a team and talking and communicating.”

Winter Volleyball Clinic

The 2011 Volleyball Season was a great success. The 8th grade team and the 6th/7th grade team were both undefeated, while the 5th grade team ended with a 9-1 record. Click here to read the full season wrap-up.

In an effort to help MMS players continue to build on the great skills showed off in the fall, Coach Mohr has been holding a winter volleyball clinic since the end of November. 4th-8th graders interested in improving their volleyball skills could sign-up to attend and receive personalized attention from the coach. Mohr works with each player on the area they want to improve most, and some players have drastically improved over the winter. Coach Mohr said that before the clinic, 5th grader Caterina V. was serving only under-hand; however, now she is able to serve overhand and outside attack. Ellen K., who is coming off of an injury, has been training in the clinic and is recently playing against college athletes.

Look for information soon regarding the spring volleyball clinic, open to all 7th-8th graders who want to get in on the action and improve their skills with Coach Mohr.

Track and Field

The 2011 spring season of track and field was a great one. At regional competition, our track and field team qualified the largest number of students from any single school, and our team was among the top statewide for number of competition qualifiers. At state we took first place in the 7th grade 100m and 200m events and in the 8th grade girls relay.

This weekend, three elite MMS athletes will be participating in the USATF Wisconsin Indoor Track & Field Championships at Carthage College in Kenosha. Top athletes from around the state will be there, and medals will be awarded to only the top three in each division. We are thrilled that Abby D., Jordan B. and Turquoise B. have chosen to take on this challenge, and we wish them luck!

Look for information soon about this year’s track and field season registration.


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