Frequently Asked Questions



Will playing time be equal?

No. Coaches will weigh playing time by the players' attendance, attitude, completion of home assignments, and hard work during practices.



Are practices mandatory?

We will pack a lot of information into every practice, so we expect students to attend every practice, and in any case, players should not miss more than 1 or 2 practices. If you must miss any days, please communicate with coaches in advance verbally, by e-mail, or with a phone message.


What are the expectations of MMS student athletes?

Players are ambassadors of our school. Exemplary behavior defines an exemplary school. We expect all players to:

  • Be on time and have equipment ready at the beginning of practice.
  • Communicate with teammates using appropriate language and tone.
  • Be engaged and active. Participate in drills and warm-ups to the fullest ability.
  • When on the bench, watch teammates closely, follow the game, and learn from successes and missteps.


What can I expect from the coaches?

You can expect that our coaches will:

  • Strive to provide a positive experience for all players on the team.
  • Be organized and adhere to the official guidelines as outlined by the USVA.
  • Act as role models, communicating professionally with players, parents, officials, and other coaches.
  • Teach fundamentals that will enable players to play for years to come and always prioritize student safety.


What if I have questions or concerns?

We ask that you first contact coaches directly and if your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, we ask that you contact Head of School, Monica Van Aken, at Mvanaken@milwaukee-montessori.org to further address your concerns.



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