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MMS Tech/Robotics Awards

2018 - 2019




SeaPerch Robotics International Challenge

May 2019

The Krusty Krabz ranked 68th out of 200 teams. They scored 30th in the world for their Engineering Notebook which is the best MMS has ever done at a SeaPerch competition.

The Angry Anglers placed 87th out of 200 teams. They were the youngest MMS team ever to go to the International Challenge. They improved their obstacle course by a minute and five seconds, which is very impressive for such an intense competition.

The challenge was an incredible learning experience and a celebration of their accomplishments thus far. The students also had the privilege of meeting teams from around the world and touring the University of Maryland and Washington D.C.

SeaPerch Robotics MKE Regional

April 2019

This regional tournament was an awesome display of hard work and perserverance from the Milwaukee Montessori School SeaPerch teams. The Triggers consistently improved. The Krusty Krabz received the First Place Presentation Award, the First Place Obstacle Award and an invitation to the International SeaPerch Competition in June! The Angry Anglers, the youngest MMS robotics team, finished second overall and are on their way with the Krusty Krabz to the SeaPerch International Competition.

FIRST LEGO League State Competition

February 2019

For the third time this season, MMS won the FIRST-Place Presentation Award at the state competition for their robot the Cozmo Cap. The students designed the cap to wash astronauts' hair while they're in space. It holds water and recycles it back into the International Space Station's water system.

FIRST LEGO League Sectional Competition

December 2018

Received the following awards and nominations:

  • FIRST-Project Presentation Award

  • Nomination for Innovative Solution Award

The team also qualified for STATE Championship!


FIRST LEGO League Regional Competition

November 2018

MMS students received four nominations and a FIRST-Place Presentation Award!

2017 - 2018




International SeaPerch ROV Challenge

June 2018

The Tenacious Tunas ranked 35th in the world, and the Sea Dragons ranked 53rd out of 110 teams. Way to go students!

SeaPerch Regional Round Two

March 2018

The Furious Fins, Aqua Turtles, Tenacious Tunas, and Sea Dragons all swept the Middle School class away at the MKE SeaPerch Regional! The Tenacious Tunas received an invitation to the International SeaPerch competition in Massachusetts, meaning they will be joining the Sea Dragons in June!

1st Place Middle School Overall Sea Dragons
2nd Place Middle school Overall Tenacious Tunas
3rd Place Overall Aqua Turtles
4th Place Overall Middle School Furious Fins

Aqua Turtles are the On deck team. MMS has the best SeaPerch Middle School teams in the state of Illinois and Wisconsin out of 83 competing Middle School Teams!


Great Lakes Navy SeaPerch Robotics Regional


March 2018

Shout out to Coach Jaime for bringing out the best in each of the teams that competed!

Engineering Notebook- 
2nd-Aqua Turtles 
4th- Sea Dragons
5th-Tenacious Tunas
11th-Furious Fins

Obstacle Course-2nd Sea Dragons
Puzzle Platform- 2nd Sea Dragons
Middle School Champs Trophy-Sea Dragons


FIRST LEGO League State Championship

February 2018

The Elemental Robots were nominated for the Gracious Professionalism Award.

“Gracious Professionalism is part of the ethos of FIRST. It's a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community."

FIRST LEGO League Sectionals

December 2017

The Elemental Robots were nominated for:

  • Strategic Innovative Robot Award and Gracious Professionalism Award

  • Qualify for State

  • Automatrons-on-Deck State Qualifying Team

Naval Air Forces' Distinguished Visitor Embark Program

October 2017

Demonstrating such success at this year’s competition and due to her outstanding leadership, Ms. Jaime Wszelaki earned the attention of her mentor, who nominated her for the Naval Air Forces' Distinguished Visitor (DV) Embark Program and, deservedly, she was accepted.

Here are some highlights:

  • Fly to San Diego Navel Base

  • Navy C-2 Transport plane ride to a U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

  • Spend 26 hours learning, touring, and sleeping on the aircraft carrier

  • As a “Distinguished Educator”, she will dine with the commanding officers

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2016 - 2017




National STEM Challenge Award

July 2017

The gaming designs of 10 year old Zoe P. (left) of Milwaukee and 11 year old Himani C. (right) of Waukesha emerged from 3,000 student entries to become winners in the middle school division of 5th through 8th graders in the National STEM Video Game Challenge competition in New York City, NY. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

Full Article

2015 - 2016




FIRST LEGO League WI Qualifying Tournament

November 2015

Elemental Robots - Champions Award for the team that embodies the FLL experience and embraces its core values


  • Teamwork Award recognizing inspiration and extraordinary enthusiasm

  • Gracious Professionalism Award recognizing high-quality work, mutual respect, and value for each other and the community

  • Research Award recognizing innovative solutions and comprehensive research

  • Judges Award recognizing unique qualities, effort, and overall dynamic performance

Navy Regional Competition in Great Lakes, Illinois

March 19, 2016

The Tenacious Tunas and their submarine, the USS Macaroni, qualified for the SeaPerch National Competition. Read more.

U.S. Navy SeaPerch National Competition

May 20 & 21

The team finished 39th in the world with an astounding 320,000 participating at the national challenge.

2014 - 2015




FIRST LEGO League Regional Tournament

 November 1, 2014

Champion's Award - recognizes the team that most embodies the FIRST LEGO League experience while achieving excellence and innovation in both the Robot Game and Project.

Adult Coach/Mentor Award - to Jaime Wszelaki for her wisdom, guidance, and devotion being most evident during the team's discussion with the judges.

MMS was also nominated for the Robot Design Award in recognition for their all-around mastery across the Mechanical Design, Programming and Stragegy & Innovation categories. This team uses outstanding programming principles and solid engineering practices to develop a robot that is mechanically sound, durable, efficient and highly capable of performing challenge missions. The MMS Team integrated a color sensor into their LEGO EV3 MINDSTORMS robot and built an arm that was used in multiple missions to push/pull, grab loops, and turn on switches.

2013 - 2014




FIRST LEGO League Regional Tournament

November 17, 2013

Won the Presentation award which recognizes a team that most effectively communicates the project’s identified problem and their proposed solution.

The MMS team was nominated for 5 out of 11 awards:

  • Champion's Award

  • Innovative Solution Award

  • Research Award

  • Teamwork Award

2012 - 2013

Event Date Details

Education Challenge Grant Winner                                                                                


Milwaukee Montessori School was one of the first recipients of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation’s Education Challenge Grant. Educators received a grant to launch and implement Digging Peace! Demonstrations of Learning in 3D Gaming Environments, a video game-based program that recognizes the power of entertainment software to engage children in deep learning.

Using Minecraft, a 3D building game, and The Peace Game, a history and problem-solving game developed by award-winning teacher and educational consultant John Hunter, the Digging Peace! Demonstrations of Learning in 3D Gaming Environments program will provide students in grades 4 - 8 with a 3D game environment to demonstrate learning in history, science, language arts, and mathematics. It will also provide a critical link between academics and arts programs by enhancing the school’s existing game design curriculum.

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