MMS Alumna Chosen as Semifinalist in Regional Science Talent Search

MMS Alumna Chosen as Semifinalist in Regional Science Talent Search


Written by: Kyra Swanson ‘12

Hajira Fuad graduated MMS in 2013 with a love of science and research. Now, on the cusp of her upcoming high school graduation, Hajira is trying to push the limits of just how far a student can go within the span of four years.

Hajira was one of the three hundred students chosen as a semifinalist in the Regional Science Talent search and the only student picked from Wisconsin. Her project is titled Computational Discovery of Pharmacological Chaperones to Rectify Protein Misfolding Using a Novel Support Vector Machine Classifier. It is a machine learning program that she coded herself to help cure cancer, Alzheimer's, and other protein misfolding diseases. Hajira has also worked extensively at the Medical College of Wisconsin; helping to finalize a paper on mitochondrial inhibiting drugs and colon cancer.

Hajira cites MMS as the beginning of her scientific career. “MMS really grew my confidence in my scientific and mathematical ability,” she says. “Ms. Pearce used to be intimidating but now that I look back on it, she was really supportive and she pushed me as a scientist. She pushed me into the rigor that is needed to do well at school. I have Ms. Pearce to thank for my journey into the sciences.”

Hajira will attend college in fall 2017 and hopes to major in Computer Science or Biochemistry.


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