MMS Hosts Etiquette Expert Margery Sinclair

MMS Hosts Etiquette Expert Margery Sinclair


Bringing her lifelong passion for etiquette, MMS had the pleasure to host expert Margery Sinclair once again to teach Junior High students the importance of manners and the proper etiquette rules for various social situations. Margery herself grew up in Wisconsin, and has since become an esteemed teacher of all things etiquette and grace. In fact, she even developed and instructed the Business Etiquette curriculum for the Milwaukee School of Business.

For over 25 years Margery has taught etiquette classes to corporations, schools, and individual children. While she is now currently based in Maryland, Margery has traveled all over the world to showcase her expertise including Tokyo to teach American business manners to Japanese executives. Her visits emphasize the importance of etiquette in all aspects of life—and although times have changed, manners never go out of style.           

Throughout the week, Margery hosted various classes for MMS students. During the first session, students learned about proper introductions, shaking hands, the balance of friendship, and the art of conversation amongst themselves. The second lesson discussed social amenities at home—which, certainly parents can appreciate! The final lesson focused on formal place settings and what is deemed to be appropriate behavior while dining out. For the final "test", the class had to implement the new tips Margery had instructed throughout the course. They used their newfound knowledge at a "dinner table" to complete tasks such as which silverware to use and proper dinnertime conversations. "I didn't realize there are so many etiquette rules! My favorite part of the whole week was when we learned how to eat properly. It was really helpful," said 7th grader Himani C. of the experience.

Overall, it was a pleasure to host such a talented guest with such a breadth of knowledge. Margery is certainly an exceptional teacher and each student learned important takeaways that they can carry throughout adulthood. 

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