New Playground Update

New Playground Update


The design for Phase Two of the outdoor space is complete! Using valuable input from students and faculty, this portion of the project will include several substantial play structures each designed to appeal to specific age groups that include both our young and older students.

We are hopeful that on April 15, 2018, once the ground has thawed, and our monies have been raised, that we will embark on the two-week construction project that will complete this phase of our four phase outdoor play project.

The Phase Two playground space will include more than one structure. The newly designed playscape will be equipped with a variety of activities in a larger footprint.  The layout shows an Explorer Dome, a Super Nova for balancing and riding, a free standing Spiral Slide, Balance Beams, two banks of swings, and a Zig Zag Overhead Ladder.

The next Phase or Phase 3 in our outdoor design will include a Toddler Play Area which is in the beginning stages of the design process. Phase 4, the athletic module of the outdoor design will be considered after the Department of Transportation completes its wall, which is slated to be completed, sometime in the next year or two. 

When designing the outdoor scape for students, we had to begin with the area that is closest to the school building. The Sports Court construction began with significant demolition outside and inside of the school. Outdoors, we enlarged the sports court taking out the concrete and asphalt. The demolition provided the opportunity to replace the older smaller drainage pipes with larger pipes and allowed us to relocate them away from the school building, substantially reducing the potential of flooding in heavy rains. 

Critical in this renovation was designing the egress from the ground floor, allowing students to get outside and back inside efficiently, thus alleviating congestion at the patio doors. The Green Roof which will have grasses on top allows students in Mrs. Baseldua’s classroom to see Prairie Grasses from their classroom window and prevents additional heat emanating from a black tar awning roof in the summer.   

Inside of the school, we renovated the Triangle Theatre, adding built in cabinetry for the Lost and Found and installing LED lighting which will make it possible to actually find lost items in our Lost and Found (this is a good place to tell you, our readers, to label all of your child’s clothing in preparation for the winter months ahead). In a few weeks, a large window will be installed making the area sing with the sunshine.

Indoors and adjacent to the Triangle Theatre, the two toddler rooms will soon have their renovations completed allowing faculty to access children’s cots from inside the classrooms. 

Thank you for continued patience through this process. We are excited for the new renovations/additions to our campus!

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