Playground Structure Update

Playground Structure Update


Some of you may know that the play structure in the backyard was taken down. Since that time I have received guidance from many of our students with pointed suggestions for the next iteration of our play structure. Most ideas were sensible and included the installation of a swing set, monkey bars, a closed slide, and opportunities for climbing. Other ideas like a trampoline at the foot of a 15-foot climbing wall were not as judicious.

Like an older car that needs too many repairs, the play structure recently needed many tune-ups and new replacement parts. It no longer made good financial sense to keep this well-worn piece of equipment alive.  

Together with select faculty, we are researching advancements in outdoor play equipment to develop a plan for the future months ahead. In the meantime, vigorous 4-square games, football, imaginative play, the use of our many outdoor toys, and pick-up basketball in the sport court are approached and played with typical zeal and gusto.

We look forward to unveiling our new outdoor equipment coming up!

Monica Van Aken Ed.D.


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