SeaPerch Robotics Success

SeaPerch Robotics Success


SeaPerch Teams Rock the Robotics Regional!

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Montessori SeaPerch Robotics Teams for their success at the Naval Station Great Lakes SeaPerch Program Robotics Regional! The SeaPerch competition scored teams on three variables; the Engineering Notebook, the Underwater Obstacle Course, and the Underwater Robotic Challenge Course.

MMS team Aqua Turtles with 7th-grade students Lucian, Boomikha, and Nikki, won 2nd place for their Engineering Notebook. The Engineering Notebook Award recognizes the ongoing scientific documentation and report writing turned in by each team. Reports describe the engineering process while building their Remotely Operated Vehicle. Applying engineering principals of buoyancy, balance, density, velocity, neutral buoyancy, the power of thrusters, and details of each team's mechanical failures and how they were fixed are all documented within the Engineering Notebook. “When we were building our robot, I got to solder together parts. I really enjoyed learning how to do that and how we all worked as a team to get our robot together,” says Aqua Turtles member, Nikki.

Also winning Engineering Notebook Awards were The Sea Dragons (Alexander, Miles, Himani, and Ananya) with 4th place, and the 8th-grade Tenacious Tunas (Owen, Samantha, and Nishant) who received the 5th place award for their notebooks. Finally, adding to the sweep were the Furious Fins team with 8th graders Adam and Caleb, along with 6th grader, Calvin, who won 11th place for their Engineering Notebook.  

It was The Sea Dragons, however, that stole the show because after just three years in the underwater robotics league, they won the Middle School Overall Champions Award, which put them in first place out of 115 teams! The Sea Dragons placed 2nd in the Obstacle Course category, which requires the team to maneuver the robot through a series of strategically placed hoops that are placed in the water. They also swept up a 2nd place Challenge Award, which requires their robot to transfer cubes, loops, and rods from one tiered platform to another without allowing the current and force from the robot’s motor to push off the previously scored items. It's trickier than it looks because the platforms are elevated and hovering and are not placed firmly on the bottom of the pool. 

The combination of the Engineering Notebook, the Obstacle Course, and the Challenge Awards gave the MMS Sea Dragons the overall Middle School Champions Win! In fact, because of their impressive performance, the Sea Dragons Team has now been invited to compete in the International SeaPerch Competition, which will take place the weekend of June 1-3 in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts! Congratulations to all of the MMS SeaPerch teams and for Coach Jaime W. for leading the way for these bright robotics students!


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