SeaPerch Success at International Competition

SeaPerch Success at International Competition


"I cannot be more proud of the robotics students for their success this year!" Says Robotics coach Jaime Wszelaki. The International SeaPerch ROV 2018 Challenge in North Dartmouth, MA was held at the UMASS-Dartmouth campus this past weekend, June 2-3, and resulted in a celebration of the teams' accomplishments and overall hard work! 

For starters, The Tenacious Tunas improved on their personal best challenge and obstacle scores by knocking off 30 seconds from their previous regional scores. They also placed 2nd in the STEM Trebuchet (a type of siege engine) building challenge.

In other exciting news, The Sea Dragons placed 44th in the WORLD, with a 27th place for their Engineering Notebook. Tenacious Tunas placed 38th, with 5 different countries participating and 85 qualifying teams under one pool roof. The celebration of intellectual growth, increased problem-solving, technical inspiration, CAD design options, and team building advancements are among a few positive elements taken from the 2018 SeaPerch International Challenge.

This was certainly a great way for the 8th-grade robotics students to compete in their final robotics competition before graduation. "They are beautiful, well-rounded people in every way! I have been honored to be their teacher and coach for the last decade and I'm quite blessed for that. Congratulations for all their hard work!" Ms. Wszelaki boasts about her members.


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