Deepali Namboothiry

Deepali Namboothiry


Deepali Namboothiry

Upper Elementary

A third-generation teacher, Deepali Namboothiry has been an integral part of MMS community since 2002. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English education from Vaze College, Mumbai, India in 1997. During her college education, Deepali enthusiastically explored various aspects of humanities including psychology, economics, philosophy and political science. In 1999, she pursued her Master's Degree in English Education, with a minor in linguistics from Mumbai University. Inspired by her mother's charming narrations and experiences about her students, Deepali stepped into the world of education completing her Bachelor of Education from the University of Mumbai. Honored as, "Excellent Student of the Year" for her research during Masters, Deepali was delightfully welcomed as a teaching faculty in Vaze College when she returned to the institute from which she earned her Bachelor's degree.


Marriage brought Deepali to Milwaukee, and subsequently to Milwaukee Montessori School. Deepali acquired her diploma in Montessori training from American Montessori Society in 2008. She has worked with different age groups in Milwaukee Montessori School including Child Care, Children's House, and Lower Elementary programs. In the summer of 2011, she spent time continuing her education of reading instruction at the Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in New York City. For the past eight years, she has been teaching English Language Arts at the Upper Elementary level at Milwaukee Montessori School. Deepali continues to narrate intriguing stories to her son and daughter about her day with students, instilling the love of learning, and lessons about compassion.

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