Parking Lot Procedures

Parking Lot Procedures


The new Field House construction is underway. The Field House will provide our school with opportunities to host sports tournaments, robotics competitions, and concerts (where your child can be heard and seen!). We have excavators, backhoe and crawler loaders, and cement mixers - much to the delight of our many truck-loving children - but less of a delight to anyone who drives to our school.

At Milwaukee Montessori School, we value the safety of our students and families. While the construction continues, please note the parking lot procedures to ensure safety and efficiency:

  • The morning drop-off line during construction runs from 7:45 AM until 8:10 AM for Children's House students and older. Usually, the morning drop-off line will only run until 8:05 AM.

  • Toddler Families: please use the flexibility in your contract and when possible, adjust your arrival time to be before 7:40 AM or after 8:10 AM.

  • During morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, the car line will use St. Paul Street instead of Bluemound and 95th Street.

  • No one can skip ahead in the car line on St. Paul Street. If you need to park in the parking lot during drop-off or pick-up, you must wait in the car line until you reach the parking lot.

  • For drop-off, the Upper Elementary and Junior High students do not need to wait on a staff member to open their doors. They can walk into the building by themselves.

  • Because our circle drive is inaccessible, students will be dropped off and picked up at stations that will be labeled on the sidewalk along the east side of the building instead of the patio.

  • Parents must start the car line at the first speed bump. This will be labeled with a barricade.

  • Parents that come into the building during drop-off and pick-up times must park in the parking row closest to 95th Street to avoid congestion.

  • When exiting the parking lot, everyone must turn right.

  • Please be kind and considerate of our neighbors and do not block their driveways during pick-up or drop-off. They are also experiencing the impacts of the construction. Obey regular driving laws at all times.

During the construction, please be patient and allow yourself more time. Please inform all of your alternate pick-ups of these procedures. We appreciate your cooperation.

Contact the Front Desk with any further questions. Thank you!

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