Education is so much more than knowing the right answer; it’s knowing when and how to do what’s right for others and ourselves.

A Milwaukee Montessori School education stresses the importance of self-reflection, self-assessment, integrity, and moral character in all aspects of school life. Whether in academic lessons, musical performances, athletic competitions, robotics contests, or collaborating in programming a new learning game, MMS students are taught how to respond to challenges in a measured, dignified, and ethical way – mostly through the modeling provided by our outstanding faculty. Expecting very high standards of conduct and integrity provides a ‘nutrient-rich’ and dependable environment that enables our students to perform at a very high level.

Many students begin at MMS at 18 months of age, and in multi-age classrooms, most students work with the same teacher for as many as three years. Young students receive lessons one-on-one or in small groups of 4 to 6 children. Older students have lessons in groups never larger than 12, the optimum size for learning and individualization. This helps them develop very close bonds with teachers who know them and love them, who have grown with them through struggles and strengths to inspire their love of learning and of mastering the world in which they live.

Our well-educated and culturally diverse faculty members model and expect the best from their students, and our students rise to this expectation by outperforming their peers in academic accomplishment and moral integrity. A safe and ordered learning environment is just one reason that our students love coming to school; beyond that, our students are simply motivated by learning itself. Satisfying and challenging our students’ innate curiosity and desire to grow in knowledge motivates us to co-create with them the kind of transformative school experience that far surpasses traditional expectations.

Visit our program pages to learn about the MMS academic and co-curricular programs, view our Work Gallery and see how our diverse student body revels in camaraderie, teamwork, and work together for a better world.

At Milwaukee Montessori School, we educate students to give rise to a better world.

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