Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary


Upper Elementary (Grades 4, 5, & 6)

At Milwaukee Montessori School, we focus on core academic subjects in Upper Elementary (UE): Evolutionary Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Writing Composition, Literature Study, Ancient History, Mathematics, and Geometry. Students also have lessons in Spanish, Technology, Studio Art, Music, and Athletics. UE students participate in grammar workshops, write essays, and take writing assessments each week and typically read two to four novels each month.

The Upper Elementary math program is very strong: 85% of our UE students score above grade level in math. Science lessons are also advanced and require weekly hands-on projects or labs. Homework is assigned by the week, three hours of mathematics that can be completed online, and two to three hours of reading to prepare for history and literature assignments.

In our 1:1 Technology Program, every Upper Elementary student is expected to use state-of-the-art Tablet PC technology to review lessons; get, complete, and hand-in assignments; communicate with faculty; perform research; take tests; and electronically organize their subject folders.

A benefit of using advanced technology at this young age is that the students become adept enough that they are able to work on higher conceptual material and learn new technology platforms much more easily.

Our students also learn responsible technology use. So while they execute complex assignments, they learn how to research and site sources, determine the validity of content, and develop novel material and concepts. This helps them to avoid common mistakes around intellectual honesty in high school.  




A Water Cycle Lesson with Upper Elementary Students


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