Physical Education Program

Physical Education Program


At Milwaukee Montessori School, we have long advocated a high energy and heart pumping PE curriculum. While research is beginning to show that a truly active PE class shows a positive correlation to academic performance, we can only feel a sense of pride for the high standards we have set for our students. In addition to our PE classes, we have a required 30 minutes of recess for all levels. Below you can see just a brief example of how we set our students up to not only live healthier lives, but excel in the classrooms.


 Wisconsin & Nation*


 Average P.E. class students are active 35% of the time.

 Students are active 99.9% of the time.

 In Wisconsin only 90 minutes of PE must be provided weekly.

 140 minutes required weekly for Grades 1-8.

 Wisconsin requires elementary schools to provide 16-20 minutes of daily recess

 30 minutes of recess required daily, unless gym class interferes.

 Wisconsin sets no mandate for min/week of physical activity for elementary or middle school

 Students receive 230 minutes of physical activity – just in school alone (many are involved in after-school sports.)

*National Data provided by The Harvard Education Letter Vol.31 , Number 1 , The NASBE & Shape of the Nation

In addition to our students exceeding all guidelines from the state, many of our students participate in after-school athletics. To learn more about our athletic programs please visit the MMS Athletics page. 

A Sample Warm-Up During Gym Class

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