Tablet 1:1 Program

MMS Tablet 1:1 Program

Since the 2010-2011 school year, every Milwaukee Montessori School student in Upper Elementary, 4th– 6th grade, and Junior High must own, lease or rent a tablet computer. Many independent schools instituted 1:1 programs as early as 1995, but we go further by starting students in the 4th grade.

The goal of our program is to link the processing power of the computer in a way that assists the students’ education. While pen and paper skills are still important and used at MMS, we encourage the use of tablets for a vast majority of daily tasks, as means to reduce the drudgery of repetitive tasks and promote creative replacements. With continued exposure to tablets, students advance general and unique tech skills that will be required in high school, college and the working world.

The Top 5 Reasons MMS Requires Tablets:

1. Tablets promote a more interactive and project based environment, as opposed to lecture-based lessons. This design fosters problem solving skills and thereby a richer understanding.

2. The tablets feature a multitude of software programs that complement our writing, mathematic, social study and specialty programs. The software ranges from data analysis tools to multimedia creation programs.

3. Tablets connect to the vast wealth of information available on the Internet.

4. The digital storage of tablets allow students to review past work and better gauge their progress and avoid repeating tasks previously completed.

5. Lessons often extend beyond the classroom and with tablet access at home students can continue to learn and engage outside of class.


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