What is MinecraftEdu

What is MinecraftEdu?

MinecraftEdu or just Minecraft is a software program that allows Milwaukee Montessori School students to put their imaginations, ingenuity and collaboration skills to the test, as students work to develop a functional virtual world all their own.

Minecraft is a three-dimensional, large-world game that allows player’s creative control over the environment and what happens in it. While a student has complete control over his/her world, they can also work in conjunction with each other. Through collaboration, complex and detailed structures can be realized very quickly. One prime example is the rich and intricate model of Ancient Babylon the students depicted. Building everything to scale was only a fragment of what this project entailed. Building materials were researched, colors were accurately captured and communication skills were honed. Other large projects have included Ancient Rome, the Seven Wonders of the World, Downton Abbey, an Athenian School and civil war battlefields.

Yet this game is more than just a program for creating scale models. Ian Anastas, our Tech Director, has transformed Minecraft into a tool students can use for 3D printing, programing robots with the game, and solving multifaceted storylines. One example is the merging of The World Peace Game; learn more here, with the possibilities of Minecraft. The World Peace Game is an already complex physical game, but students take the experience a step further and model the entire game in Minecraft’s digital landscape. Continually pushing the barriers, Ian decided to 3D print pieces out from the Minecraft, ones students created, so that the World Peace Game would become more dimensional. The union of these two games created an environment where student’s leadership abilities were tested, logical reasoning was demanded, and teamwork was essential.

No matter the venture, MinecraftEdu projects are ones that not only fill the students imaginations with wonders of technology, but also routinely challenge and stimulate the minds of our teachers. At MMS we continually connect the game to other facets of education such as math, science, conservation, electronics, engineering and more. Our safe and monitored environment helps provide the security and resources students need as they learn the infinite complexities of the Minecraft world. Regardless of where Minecraft is implemented Milwaukee Montessori School hopes to forge the tie between both virtual and physical worlds – both of which are “real worlds” at MMS.

Interested in learning more about MinecraftEdu? Click here.

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