Building constructive attitudes toward competition and cooperation

At Milwaukee Montessori School, we believe athletics are intrinsically valuable and transformative. In our supportive, highly academic community everybody gets a chance to participate and enjoy the game while competing to do their personal and team best. Our athletic programs are continuously growing and improving. 

The Milwaukee Montessori School Athletic Program Goals:

  • Educate students to preserve their own long-term physical health.
  • Engender self-esteem and confidence through physical awareness.
  • Practice interdependence: self-reliance that draws upon the strength of others.
  • Develop perseverance to push beyond limitations, physically and mentally.
  • Help students to accept criticism as feedback that will improve performance.
  • Enable strategic thinking, where winning and losing are seen as equally valuable.


Director of Curriculars

Julie Christensen



Volleyball Coach

Jon Mohr



Basketball Coach

Roger Gonzalez


MMS Basketball Team

Basketball is offered after school to students in 4th through 8th grades. Milwaukee Montessori School coaches have honed a program over the last decade using the most advanced training methods available for young students to develop their ball-handling, physical condition, and tactical skills. Emphasis is also placed on the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, hard work, and commitment.

Depending on the schedule, practices are held two or three times per week from 3:15 - 5:15 pm.

Practice, game schedules and locations may be found in our School Calendar.

MMS Volleyball Team

All students in 5th - 8th grade at Milwaukee Montessori School are eligible to begin the school year with Volleyball.

Younger players start with the fundamentals of play. As they progress in age, students learn more advanced strategies that allow them to be successful, confident, and competitive. Our students play in Metro Conference league, and have enjoyed great success!

Coach Jon Mohr has extensive experience training young athletes and coaching volleyball. He has designed a program that teaches players of all levels to develop athletic and team skills that will work both on and off the court. Practice, game schedules and locations may be found in our School Calendar.

MMS Track & Field Team

Evolving over thousands of years, Track & Field is now a cutting-edge, 21st century sport, and our Milwaukee Montessori School Team has become a formidable regional competitor.

More students compete on our Track & Field team than any other school sport. Coach Jon Mohr uses his expertise to provide in-depth training in event-specific groups: sprints/hurdles/relays; endurance; jumps; throws; and combined events.

Training begins in March each year for indoor and outdoor meets that take place through the spring and summer. MMS students have reached state and national championships every year for the past 3 years, and we send scores of students to Regional Championships every year.

Track & Field is great way to get and stay in top form, as well as build team and individual athletic skills, and develop student fitness habits that will last a lifetime. Practice, game schedules, and locations can be found in our School Calendar.

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