Maria Montessori observed that the child possesses a natural spirituality, and early in her life’s work, she designed the Atrium curriculum to enrich that relationship by creating an environment with beautifully prepared materials that foster a child’s religious life, community, and worship through the study of scripture, liturgy, and the history of man’s relationship with God. The Atrium is a place where the child’s work becomes a meditation and conversation with God, a place of prayer and celebration.

Atrium at Milwaukee Montessori School is offered to children ages 3-9 in a single level. The program is a 10-week session and follows the church liturgical calendar.

  1. Curriculum
    1. The curriculum will include narratives of the infancy of Jesus and Easter, the parables of Jesus, Old Testament stories, altar and sacramental presentations and the geography of the Bible. The focus will be on establishing a loving and joyful relationship with God. This curriculum continues the lessons of the parables, liturgy, and scripture. Together with the lessons of the History of the Kingdom, Old Testament stories, and the lives of the Saints, the child will come to know God’s enduring presence throughout time.

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