At Milwaukee Montessori School, we offer a rich variety of after school clubs, open to all ages and passions.

One of our most popular selections is the Robotics Club and Team that competes in competitions at the state level and consistently places at the top. Our Soccer and Flag Football Clubs are aimed at the younger students at our school, who aren’t old enough to participate on our athletic teams.

If sports aren’t a students forte, we offer a Chess Club that delves into the art of mastering the game. Regardless of the club a student joins, we develop students’ work ethic as well as their communication and leadership skills. We encourage you to explore the various club pages to learn more about the program and how to register.

Robotics Club & Team

Our most popular after-school activities are our Robotics Club and our Robotics Team. Here students spend weeks usingcoding and programming skills to build complex robots that they then use in thrilling competitions.

Every year since 2005, Milwaukee Montessori School’s Robotics Teams have won awards and recognition, even earning an invitation to the Robotics World Festival. While building extraordinary machines, students build self-confidence, people and life skills, good relationships, and the most important literacy of the 21st century – computer programming.


Chess Club

Our ever-popular Chess Club meets after school.

When Milwaukee Montessori School students learn to play Chess, they begin to develop mental clarity, and the ability to analyze, research, and assess a situation before making moves.

Our instructors are true Russian chess masters, and students learn not only how chess pieces move and their value, but also about the game’s history, classic play strategies, and tournament rules. Skills developed in Chess Club translate far beyond the chess board.

Flag Football Club

In October, we offer an after-school Flag Football Club for boys and girls in the 3rd and 4th grades.

This fun and safe game differs from regular American football because flag football is a “no-contact” sport. Instead of tackling the ball carrier as he or she attempts to pass or run the ball down the field, players pull a special flag off the ball carrier’s belt. It’s a fast-paced and fun sport for all ages!

Soccer Club

The Milwaukee Montessori Soccer Club provides a positive soccer experience for boys and girls in the 1st - 3rd grades.

Club players improve their skills, learn to compete, have fun, and grow as individuals.

Soccer Club meets for six weeks beginning in October.

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