Food preparation, eating enjoyment, and clean-up are skills that every child should have positive experiences with daily. Every Montessori school views meals and snack time as learning opportunities. We strive for the healthiest and safest environment possible. Therefore we ask that you send:

  • No artificial sweeteners (this includes NutraSweet®).
  • No frozen food that must be prepared by teachers.
  • Juices and fruit snacks that are made with 100% fruit juice.
  • For Toddlers: No choking hazard foods like whole grapes, whole cherry tomatoes, whole cherries (even pitted) and hot dogs must be cut into safely chewable pieces.
  • Below the first grade: No peanuts, peanut products, or nuts of any kind for children.
  • Playgroup Child Care Program: No food that must be heated by teachers.
  • Whole-grain snack chips/crackers (such as “Sun Chips”) are acceptable.

Bag Lunch

Bag lunches from home must follow the policy. Students who bring prohibited food items will be asked to repack them and take them home. If your child would like to pack his or her own lunch, we suggest foods from each food group such as breads, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and protein.


Each day, a healthy snack is available to students in their classrooms. Food from home may not be substituted for the school-provided snack. 

School Lunch Options

Milwaukee Montessori School offers a healthy hot-lunch program with two options for enrollment:

  1. Full school year
  2. Fall or Spring semesters

We also offer a milk-only program for those who bring their own lunch and Junior High students may opt for a seed-butter sandwich and salad bar.

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