MMS Fund

MMS Fund


The Milwaukee Montessori School Fund allows you to direct gifts to areas of personal interest, while helping us enhance those elements that make our school great.

Learn more about the Family of Funds:

  1. Athletics
    1. Your donation will help us expand our award-winning athletics program by allowing us to purchase equipment to develop the large muscles of our toddlers, invite guest coaches who will refine the skills of our star athletes, and purchase materials that will enhance all of our students’ athletic abilities.
  2. Fine Arts
    1. Your donation will help us expand and enhance our fine arts program ensuring the development of artistic and creative skills for all of our students - from Toddler to Junior High. These funds will allow us to bring in visiting artists including musicians and sculptors, and make it possible to purchase musical equipment and materials to augment our studio art program.
  3. Technology
    1. Your donation will help us expand and enhance our award-winning robotics and technology programs through the purchase of additional computer systems, software, and applications.
  4. Green Initiatives
    1. Your donation will help us expand our green initiative efforts by enhancing our green educational opportunities including: funding Junior High student scholarships to Nature’s Classroom, purchasing green supplies and equipment for our classrooms, and expanding opportunities to teach all of our students how to preserve the world that they will inherit.
  5. Faculty Professional Development
    1. Your donation will help us continue to expand the skill sets of all of our amazing faculty.  Whether it is Toddler teachers attending Montessori Toddler training or Upper Elementary teachers participating in advanced workshops, our entire faculty is engaged in professional development.
  6. Tuition Assistance
    1. Your donation will help provide need-based assistance to current and potential students of our school.
  7. Area of Greatest Need
    1. Your unrestricted support helps enhance the educational opportunities for all of our students.

Why do you continue to support MMS through the Annual Fund?

I’ve seen my donations at work, whether “greening the school with new energy efficient bathrooms, water fountains, composting bins, conscientious recycling etc”, investing in the arts and technology with new machines, tablets and Mac’s in the classrooms. The school has made good decisions with my money. Their investments are seen every summer when projects are completed and our children return to the classrooms in the fall. Generally tuition covers operating fees, salaries, benefits… Without the annual fund extra investments cannot be made.

 —Sven and Angela Loberg, parents

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