MMS Fund

MMS Fund

The Race to 100% is On!

The MMS Fund helps us enhance all the features that make our school programs stand out. Each year, from October to December, we launch the MMS Fund campaign to hit 100% participation from families, faculty, and staff. You can donate to any of the specific programs that resonate with you most or to our “Area of Greatest Need” detailed below. No matter what our role in the MMS community, we’re all in this together! 

Area of Greatest Need: Rebuilding our Backyard Oasis

Please make a gift to the MMS Fund, and select "Area of Greatest Need" to help us rebuild the natural green space that will surround and sustain your children each day.  

We were sad to lose our naturalized prairie when the highway exit was constructed, so now that the construction is complete and the buffering wall has finally been built, we are designating this year’s MMS Fund Area of Greatest Need to recreating the beautiful green space that surrounds our playground. Planting trees and native plants on our campus will play an important role in reducing emissions and sound from the highway, as well as providing much-needed shade and temperature control in the warmer months. By drawing from the great diversity of large and small trees, shrubs, and flowering plants native to our region, we will greatly beautify the landscape, build upon our ecological stewardship, and support native wildlife and birds in the area.

At MMS our students play vigorously outside every day, except when it reaches 9 degrees below zero! This helps students to be strong, healthy, and happy learners all year round. 

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MMS Family of Funds

Tuition Assistance
22% of MMS Students receive Tuition Assistance each year. Your gift allows us to provide this need-based aid to students who want to access the opportunities that a Milwaukee Montessori School education has to offer.
Fine Arts
Gifts to the the Art and Music programs help distinguish our award-winning student artwork and our unique musical performances. 
Your donation will help us expand our award-winning athletics program by allowing us to purchase equipment to develop the large muscles of our toddlers, invite guest coaches who will refine the skills of our star athletes, and purchase materials that will enhance all of our students’ athletic abilities.
Professional Development
Research has shown that faculty who are consistently growing in their profession are more effective than those who don't; their learning positively impacts student outcomes. That's why we offer ongoing, high-quality professional training to all of our faculty and staff all school year and all summer.

Green Initiatives
Our students are learning to become the environmental stewards that we need for the future wellbeing of our planet. From Nature's Classroom to bi-monthly beach cleanups, our students learn the importance of taking care of our earth.

Your donations to this have helped us install energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems, drainage systems to keep water out of Milwaukee sewers, efficient and robust water fountains, and a green roof to reduce water run off. Plus, we recycle, we compost, and donate used clothing (that is abandoned in the lost and found!)to be reused by other people. 

We are the only school in the country to have multiple winners of the National Stem Challenge in Game Design. This forward-thinking, project-based technology program is made possible by gifts to Technology (think laser printer!).


Giving Levels & Incentives

As a token of our appreciation, we offer the following incentives based on your donation level. All levels include matching gifts from companies. The concert seats are for the 2018 Holiday Concert through the 2019 Father’s Visitation Day. 

The first 10 families who make an individual gift at this level will receive 2 preferred seats per concert day during the 2018-2019 school year. 

The first 5 families who make an individual gift at this level will receive 4 front-row seats per concert day during the 2018-2019 school year. 

The first 5 families who make an individual gift at this level will receive one preferred parking spot as well as 4 front-row seats per concert day during the 2018-2019 school year. 


Ways to Give

Online, cash, or shares of stock; however you choose to give, we're ever so grateful.

Donate to make a one-time gift, set up recurring gifts, or make a pledge. Visit our website at

Credit Card
No time for the online form? Make a credit card payment at the Front Desk and we’ll waive the 3% service fee.
Mail or drop off a check at the Front Desk. Note which fund you’d like to support in the Memo section.
Company Match
Double your gift with a company match. Your HR team or Alesa Weiss can confirm if your company participates.
Prefer cash? Visit our Front Desk and one of the staff members can take your gift and write you a receipt. Please don’t mail cash.
Shares of Stock
We happily accept shares of stock (we value at the their current rate). Alesa Weiss can set up the transfer.


Why We Give: Parent Testimonials 

“We make sure that our children are set up to thrive in their educational experience, and part of that means giving to the MMS Fund. Participation in the MMS Fund is so important, no matter the amount, to keep the school thriving as well.” —Meg Troy and Dan Butz

“I wish I could contribute my time and effort more to the School, but I am limited in that way. Instead, I give to the MMS Fund so that they can continue to provide our students with the best educational experience.” —Nevin Biggs


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